The large Canadian flag that flies over city hall in Steinbach has had to endure two major wind storms in the past month. One storm occurred September 20th and another this past Wednesday. City spokesperson Heather Chambers Ewen says their flags have to put up with all kinds of conditions.

"They're out there in all kinds of weather and all kinds of wind, rain, snow and everything else with it, so they do take some wear and tear and we watch that. We make sure that the tatters don't get too significant. When we do notice that there's some wear and tear, we bring them down and repair them as best we can and replace them. It's an important landmark in our city."

Chambers Ewen says the flags are 15 feet by 30 feet and cost about $1,100 so they have them repaired whenever possible.

"Our first go-to thing is to repair them. If we can repair them, we do that. If we're not able to, then we'll replace them. On average, where flags last anywhere from three to four months, we don't just automatically replace them after that time. They'll go in for repair. And again, If they're repairable we'll put them back up. If not, then we'll purchase one."

She notes the City of Steinbach has flown the large flag since 1992 when then-Mayor Ernie Friesen insisted that city hall needed a landmark that was visible from all entrances to the city.