The City of Steinbach has provided some clarification on an earlier motion to honour the late Jim Penner by naming a street after him. 

Steinbach M.L.A. Kelvin Goertzen recently reached out to Council and suggested that Steinbach's Honourary Street Naming Policy be used for the first time to remember the late Jim Penner. 

Penner was the founder of Penner Foods which is now Sobeys, and also a city council member and Steinbach's MLA. 

Council moved quickly to approve this request but at the time, there were very few details. On Tuesday, Michael Zwaagstra clarified that approval. 

“I will move a supplementary motion that the name of the street, the honourary street be Jim Penner Way and that the particular street being Park Road from the intersection with Highway 12 and the first entrance to the Clearspring Centre, that four-way stop.” 

Zwaagstra says the use of the word ‘way’ is nicely in line with how many other cities such as Winnipeg use their Honourary Street Naming bylaws. 

As for the street, Zwaagstra notes “obviously, Mr. Penner played a key role in Penner Foods and Clearspring Mall being developed and so this location seems very appropriate as a place to honour him and his contributions.” 

The legal name of the street will remain Park Road, however, sign toppers honouring Jim Penner will also be put up. 

City Manager Troy Warkentin says the whole process shouldn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars and notes the funds for the project will come out of the mayor’s discretionary budget as per the Honourary Street Naming Bylaw.