Large carpet in the main hall? They’ll clean it! And the windows, upstairs and down? They’ll wash them! And the terrace, halls and stairs? Yep – consider them scrubbed and swept.

You could be forgiven for thinking this was a fairy tale, though when Cindy-rella’s Cleaning Service is finished with your house or workplace, you might as well be living in one.

Established in 2021, Cindy-rella’s continues to build off the work and reputation of founder Cindy Friesen, who’d already been cleaning houses in and around Morris, MB for nearly a decade when she decided to start her own business. Demand has snowballed, largely thanks to word of mouth, she says, and she now has professional cleaners on staff.

The added cleaner-power has allowed Cindy-rella’s to expand. They even have an employee based in Steinbach.

“We’ve cleaned all around Morris, and we also go to Altona, Saint-Agathe, Saint-Adolphe and Niverville,” Friesen explains. “Now we’re coming to Steinbach.”

The expansion came about rather fortuitously when one of Friesen’s cleaners moved to Steinbach from the Morris area.

“I wanted to keep her, and she wanted to keep working for me,” says Friesen. “It just worked out really well.”

Cindy-rella’s typically visits a property every two weeks, although some clients like weekly cleanings while others prefer monthly. Friesen says it’s always up to the client, and for new homes or businesses she’ll stop by to get a feel of what they’re after.

“Everybody’s house is just so different,” she says.

Oftentimes, clients will simply advise how many bathrooms they have and what, specifically they’d like cleaned. Cindy-rella’s performs the service, and from there they and the client work together to customize the service going forward.

“It’s really about what the client wants,” says Friesen, adding that she provides free, no-obligation quotes through her website.

As to the actual cleaning, Cindy-rella’s rapid growth and stellar reputation speaks for itself. And Friesen has extremely high standards. If something isn’t cleaned to a client’s satisfaction, they’ll go straight back and ensure that it is. And every client, she reiterates, has their personal preferences.

“Bathrooms are very important, because it’s where people spend a lot of time and where they want cleanliness,” she says. “But kitchens, too, are important, because that’s where they’re preparing meals.

“It’s all important. We concentrate on every area.”

As much as Friesen enjoys cleaning, she also takes considerable satisfaction from serving people. She loves the feeling of leaving a spotless house to folks who might not be able to do the cleaning, themselves.

“It’s knowing how people will feel when they come home,” she reflects. “You know, busy parents who might not have the time to clean, or elderly people who might just need some extra help. Knowing that you might be making their day is really heartwarming.”

Cindy-rella’s Cleaning Service can be reached by calling (204) 712-5979. A full-service menu (they’ll probably draw the line at bathing your cat, Lucifer), quotes and additional information are available on their website.