Business owners have been battling decreased revenues, soaring interest rates, mounting debt and increased costs of doing business according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Policy Analyst SeoRhin Yoo says business owners want those running in next month's provincial election to prioritize the needs of small business owners by adopting policies that provide cost-relief and predictability. Yoo adds, it's good to see business owners planning to vote, even if they don't know who for.

"Voter turnout in recent elections, hasn't been too stellar, I believe, and so, it was really surprising to see that 99 per cent of small business owners were planning on voting," says Yoo. "However, because 41 per cent have yet to decide, it's going to be really important for parties to highlight initiatives through small businesses during those election campaigns."

According to the survey issued by the CFIB, 25 per cent of small businesses believe their concerns will be addressed during the campaign. For some of these businesses, Yoo says it's make-or-break as they will have to close if changes are not made.

"That can mean increasing the health and post-secondary education tax levy, the exemption threshold to 2.5 million, as well as keeping the commitment to eliminate education property taxes, and ensure that commercial property owners aren't paying more than their fair share."

You can see a full list of CFIB's small business election asks and priorities here.


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