Some of you were asking what the cakes of choice were for our twins birthday this year -- so, here are a couple of pictures. Now, if you're not familiar with NFL football - this cake may mean nothing to you - but if you are a fan, you'll know that this is the trophy you get if you win the Super Bowl, the Vince Lombardi Trophy. (and no, it's not melting, it just looks that way) Since our boys are all about football these days, this was Paxton's choice for his cake, and thanks to Rice Krispie cake being so moldable and holding it's shape -- it was possible. I colored fondant icing grey and then, rolled it out and applied it as smoothly as I could. The inscription took forever with a toothpick. The football was a lucky find at Dollorama and there you go.

Again, football fans will know that Deion Sanders was one of the best players in the NFL in his prime and when Tyson showed me the picture that he wanted for HIS birthday cake, I thought it was impossible... but as I have learned before, nothing's impossible. Thanks to fondant being so easy to work with and having quite a few hours into the night to get it done, this was the result. Of course, it's not EXACTLY like the picture -- but he loved it -- and that's what matters. I have to admit, after all the work, it was a little painful to cut through it all and see it devoured -- but completely worth it for the smiles and the memories. If you follow a little more closely and are wondering, you're right,  the boys only turn 9 on September 9th -- we just wanted to celebrate with their friends before summer was done. Hope these cakes maybe gave YOU an idea or two for birthdays to come!!