For most people in the southeast, dandelions are a weed but, for one local couple, they are a key ingredient in jelly.

Ron Plett says he and his wife Anna noticed an unusually large number of dandelions on their property this spring and felt they could be put to some use.

“We had so very very many and we do eventually mow them down but I thought maybe we could make good use of them before we mow them down,” explains Plett.

Ron and Anna Plett started making dandelion jelly this year.

In years past, the Pletts have tried other ways of making use of the flowers. However, the leaves of the plant were too bitter to make a salad, and neither Ron nor Anna much liked wine, so jelly seemed like the next obvious endeavor.

Together, they picked half an ice cream pail full of dandelion petals and let them steep in water overnight. The next day Anna strained the mixture and added sugar, pectin, and two tablespoons of lemon juice.

“It’s very mild,” comments Anna, “and maybe tastes a little bit like honey.”

The Pletts are glad they have found a tasty way of using some of the natural plants on their yard and plan on sharing their dandelion discovery with friends, neighbors, and relatives.