Alberta has had another tough year for producers as dry weather added to previous droughts over the summer.

That's been a focus for the provincial government, with Agriculture Minister RJ Sigurdson detailing some of their work.

"With the drought situation that we've seen across Alberta and certain areas of the province it definitely was a struggle for a lot of our farmers and ranchers, so as a province, we continue with a focus on supporting our irrigation districts through the 933 million we've dedicated to irrigation rehabilitation as well as working hand in hand with our farmers and ranchers to continue to strengthen our business risk management programs that we have available in the province."

Being able to help out those farmers with government programs has been a high point for Sigurdson.

"Some of the highlights for me, those here really revolve around some of the great work that has happened with the government expanding our feeder association loan guarantee from $2 million to $3 million and making available contracts increased from $4 million to $6 million. Definitely a program that's been in play in the province of Alberta for decades and it continues to support our small ranchers across the province."

Agrifood processing is also a plus for Sigurdson as that industry is expanding in Alberta.

A major factor for Alberta's farms over 2023 has been the federal carbon tax.

"I've been a huge advocate in pushing towards our federal government to exempt the carbon tax from farming operations because we know this drives down the cost of our food right into the grocery stores and when we talk about food affordability," said Sigurdson, "It's something front and centre with everyday families right now in Alberta."

"I always say our farmers and ranchers are very resilient and they've overcome challenges in the past and I know many that I've talked to are very excited about working hand in hand with the government to continue to strengthen agriculture in the province and we look forward to next year."