The dogs are always popular at Canadian Western Agribition.

This year for the first time we saw an Open Cattle Dog Trial and today the International Stock Dog Championship Trials are underway in the Brandt Centre.

Jared Epp Chairs the Agribition Stock Dog committee and says today's sheep dog event features 45 dogs and lambs that have never been worked by a dog.

"We're using lambs born this spring. That's something that traditionally Agribition has done for many years, and it's kind of something that makes our competition unique. We're not using older ewes or mature animals that are used to being worked by a dog. These little rascals are pretty weary of a dog and a little cagey. They add a whole dynamic, so far as reading your stock, and a dog having some patience and such because they're not  dog broke at all."

Handlers and their dogs move the sheep around barrels through a designated and timed trial which ends when the last sheep comes through the alley and the pen gate is closed.

Some of the visitors watching the show today will be from Ukraine.

Canadian Western Agribition and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are partnering to cover the admission for more than 500 displaced Ukrainians and newcomers.