A Mitchell woman badly injured in a car crash is sharing her thankfulness for changes coming to an intersection near Ste Anne.

will never be a perfect situation happening in a perfect setting’ and he just realized the only perfect thing was the love that we had for each other.”

A month ago, Seewald slammed into a westbound truck that failed to yield while crossing Highway 12 on Provincial Road 210. 

“I’m gonna try my best not to cry here,” says Seewald responding to the announcement made to alter the intersection.  “It’s sad that something like this had to happen, but I’m so grateful.”

Minister of Infrastructure Ron Schuler announced yesterday that changes coming to the intersection are five-fold, which lead Seewald to believe a difference will be made.

100%;" src="images/stories/newsphotos/2020/09_September/2020_09_brianna_sign.jpg" alt="2020 09 brianna sign" width="350" />Seewald's sign before Borkowsky brought the altered version when asking for her to marry himHer rehabilitation is very much a mountain as torn ligaments found in her left leg now accompany a fractured back, neck, and ribs, but the persistent patient is taking steps. “I’m still working on walking. It’s in the works, but I will be walking down my wedding aisle.”

As she did previously, Seewald lavished thanks and praise upon her family, friends, loved ones, and community, before extending it to Schuler and MLA of Dawson Trail Bob Lagasse for their work regarding the intersection.

“I am not here alone,” she assures. “I am here because of the support systems and so I just want to thank everyone for everything that they have done.”

Asked if she had anything else that was still in need of saying, Seewald revealed what she believed was in everyone’s best interest.

“I didn’t watch the dash-cam footage of the accident but Ryan did. And, it only took two seconds for someone not to slow down and change my life. So, I just wish going forward that everyone would keep in mind that two seconds is all it takes for life-altering accidents to happen and to be more conscious on our roads, thinking of our loved ones and making sure that we’re doing our part.”