A new wheelchair-accessible playground in Niverville has the community excited.

The playground, located in Hespeler Park, was opened to the public last week. Recreation Programmers Angela Janz and Chantel Todd were instrumental in its creation. They say the individual structures are built to reflect the rich heritage of Niverville.

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“There are quite a few mini buildings that resemble the history of our town,” explains Todd, “like the schoolhouse, Dick’s hatchery, and a mini grain elevator. We also have a little market cafe for toddlers to play in and an awesome three-story tower.”

Though most features are intended for kids aged 2-12, Todd admits that she and Janz could not help but climb through the playground to enjoy it for themselves. Based on this first-hand experience, she confirms it is fun.

The funding for this play structure came from three sources, the town itself, a "building sustainable communities" grant, and an "enabling accessibility fund". 

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To Janz, the most important aspect of this new playground is its wood-fiber base which is what makes it universally accessible.

“That was a main focus when we designed it with our architect," she comments, "we wanted to ensure that mobility was not an issue and that there would be something for everybody.”

Janz notes that the addition of push-button access to the nearby splash pad change rooms was also a part of this project.

Since the special play structure was opened, Todd says the response from local residents has been favorable.

“People love it!” she exclaims. “We have had so much positive feedback and it feels so good to hear that people are having lots of fun playing on it and enjoying themselves.”

When Todd and Janz originally envisioned this project, they were hoping it would be something to make Hespeler Park an even more popular destination. Now, they are both glad to see this dream already coming to fruition.