Police say one of two suspects in Sunday's deadly stabbing rampage in Saskatchewan is still at large.

They say 30-year-old Myles Sanderson may be injured, adding he is considered dangerous and should not be approached.

The body of the other suspect in the attacks, 31-year-old Damian Sanderson, was discovered outdoors in a grassy area on the James Smith Cree Nation on Monday, not far from one of the crime scenes.

Leaders of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations have issued an urgent appeal to find Myles Sanderson, begging those with knowledge of his whereabouts to come forward to help end this tragedy without any more loss of life.

Since Sunday morning, police have been scouring Regina after a report the two suspects had been seen in the city, and Regina Police Chief Evan Bray says the search for Sanderson will continue until he is located or taken into custody.

RCMP have said 18 men and women were injured in the attacks, not including Myles Sanderson.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 6, 2022.