Steinbach Storm U17A and Eastman Blaze U17AA teams both ended their season with Provincial championship wins. 

Paul Turenne, of Steinbach, is head coach of the two Softball teams, and says they were able to play so well because of their core group of girls.  

“They are players who've been together for a few years, just a great group of girls who love Softball, who are very coachable and have grown in the last couple of years. And we finally made it happen this year and winning U17 Provincials.” 

Turenne says the Steinbach Storm U17A Girls had an awesome regular season.  

“We were 15-1-1, and going into provincials, we had high expectations because of our success in the regular season. And we, yeah, we went 4-0 in our pool and then we won our quarters, we won our semis, and eventually won the finals against Winkler.” 

Turenne notes that playing in the Provincials, “Was a tournament the girls won't soon forget.” 

If that doesn't keep him busy enough, Turenne coaches another team of softball plays, U17 AA Eastman Blaze, he tells us why.  

“I love coaching my girl and obviously I have a few other kids and I coach them as well, but Syd is in her first year of U17A and AA, and we recently went to Crystal City to participate in the AA Softball Provincials. It was kind of the same core of girls, with a few additions from Great Falls/ Lac du Bonnet area, and we were able to win our first gold. Last year we ended up in 2nd ,and this year we pulled it off and won the AA Provincials.” 

Eastman Blaze

Turenne notes that there are a few girls playing on both teams.   

“So, we have six or seven from my A team play on the AA team, so yeah, it was still a good core group with super coachable girls, full of energy and willing to do whatever it takes to win.” 

Speaking proudly of his championship winning teams, Turenne says, 

"(As coach), it means a lot to me, especially that this core group is going to come back for a second year of U17. I'm really happy to coach them again.” 

Turenne gives a shout out to his co-coach, Kelly Chabot, for the U17A Steinbach Storm, and Joel Menard, Kelly Chabot and himself sharing the coaching job for the U17AA Eastman Blaze, to which he says,   

“Next year, should be an awesome and fun season again.” 

Eastman Blaze celebrate their win

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