Agape House collects donations all year around. 

Tracy Whitby from Agape House says they put out a detailed ‘wish list’ on their Facebook page every single month. 

They always do a drive for pajamas in November. 

“With it being November and the beginning of the cold season, we always do a drive for pajamas. We do that for our women, for our kids, for our teens, which sometimes looks like purchasing men's pajamas as well, 'cause our teens are growing big these days.” 

She talks about some of the items that people can start collecting now to get ready to donate. 

Right now they are looking for makeup, shampoo and conditioner, new underwear, new socks, earbuds and headphones, new/gently used bras, snacks, sweets, and treats. 

"Some of these are very specific needs, but they kind of change month to month and we also do that based on who is actually in our shelter and what their actual needs are. So, when you're buying things for this list, they're helping people who are currently in need.” 

They are currently working on a drop-off location for donations, but if you call the shelter at 204 326 6062 they will make arrangements to come to pick up your donations. 

Whitby says the shelter is never empty these days.

Agape House has stepped up in a big way to help people in need. Coming out of the pandemic, the shelter is always full of people. 

Lately, a big issue regarding domestic violence is that victims involved can very much feel alone or unseen. 

And that’s where Agape House comes in, to be a place that really does care and will listen. 

“Throughout the pandemic, just with all of the closures and people staying home more, it's really just exasperated the whole situation and made things so much worse,” she says. “It's always been important to have this conversation, but I think right now it's even more so.” 

She says that if someone tells you they are a victim of abuse, the most important thing is to believe them and lend a listening ear. 

"If you want to get specific coaching on how to support that person, our crisis line is open 24/7 and we are more than happy to walk through steps, what resources to offer, and how to help that individual.” 

Whitby notes that November is domestic violence awareness month, and it gives an opportunity to normalize conversations around abuse. 

“It is absolutely necessary to shine a light on this conversation, to open up this dialogue, and to normalize this conversation. Having those tough chats, raising awareness, and that is exactly what it's all about.”