The remains of one cement truck involved in Monday's rollovers

There were two rollovers involving cement trucks Monday in the RM of Tache.

The first incident occurred at 7:50am on Provincial Road 207 at Municipal Road 54 north, just northwest of Lorette. A loaded cement truck went out of control and rolled. The driver had to be extricated with the jaws of life and was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

St. Pierre Staff Sgt. Ron Poirier says a traffic analyst was called out to assist the investigation and police are also still interviewing witnesses. 

The second incident occurred at 1:30 in the afternoon when a loaded cement truck from the same company (All-Star Concrete) rolled at the corner of Municipal Roads 27 East and 52 North, just north of Lorette. The driver was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries injuries.

According to Poirier, the driver lost control in wet, icy conditions on a gravel road.

The investigation continues in that incident as well.

Below are pictures of the trucks (and their payloads) in the Steinbach towing compound.