Anaiah, a three-year-old from Grunthal, recently had to get a catheterization in Edmonton. 

Her mom, Kianna Friesen, says Anaiah had an atrail septal defect, or in layman's terms, a hole in her heart. 

While they were in the hospital, they found out she actually had multiple of them. 

"They weren't sure if we were going to do open heart or just the catheterization,” she says. “She ended up having the catheterization done, which was a lot less invasive than the open heart.” 

Thankfully, the catheterization went well, and Anaiah did great throughout the whole process.

Anaiah ready to leave the hospitalAnaiah getting good news at her follow up appointment at the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg

Before Anaiah and her family left Edmonton to head home to Grunthal, they were in for an amazing surprise. 

Kind strangers, Marian and Lorne, won a 50/50 fundraiser put on by Hanover Ag, and decided to donate their winnings to the Friesen family. 

Hanover Ag also chipped in some of their proceeds, making the total donation to her family over $2000. 

Friesen says she was speechless. 

“My husband and I were at a loss for words, we had no idea what to say other than thank you,” she says. “We were both pretty stunned. It was an incredible feeling.”

Anaiah is doing great now, and was able to meet with Marian and Lorne. 

“They reached out wanting to meet Anaiah, so they actually came out to Grunthal and they got to meet Anaiah as well,” she says. “They brought her a cute little Christmas bear and some treats and just got to hang out with her a little bit.” 

Marian and Lorne come over to meet AnaiahMarian and Lorne come over to meet Anaiah

The Friesens are doing well and are very thankful for the kind people in their community. 


with files from Corny Rempel