The Niverville Nighthawks are hosting their second annual gala fundraiser this weekend. 

Kevin Pauls of the Nighthawks and local comedian Matt Falk will be the MCs for the night.

Ray Neufeld will also be attending as their guest of honor. 

Matt Falk and Ray Neufeld.

Pauls says it will be a great night of celebration and community. 

“We're going to talk with our billets and showcase them because they do so much fantastic stuff for the guys on the team. And the prizes are amazing, so the silent auction should be great. Just an overall great night of entertainment and fun.” 

Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, it will be fun evening with great food and entertainment. 

“It's a community night. It's a night for the Nighthawks to kind of showcase what the organization is all about and to provide an opportunity for a lot of folks, not just from the sponsorship standpoint, but to come and understand what makes the organization tick and see the people who help.” 

Pauls says the focus of the night will be on the volunteers. 

“A lot of people that really make the wheels turn are going to have a minute here to shine a spotlight on their efforts.” 

The billet families will be there as well as any family members of the Nighthawks that can make it. 

“One of my favorite parts from last year was an opportunity to chat with some of the parents that you haven't seen at games.” 

He says this event is another motivation for everyone to work really hard. 

“When you see you know the volunteers standing to your left, you're ready to game. And then to see them on a celebratory night like this, it just gives everything a new shining dynamic.” 

For more information along with tickets for the gala on Saturday February 10th, visit 

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With files from Dave Anthony