Steinbach Mennonite Church will hold a dedication service on Sunday morning for a new peace garden in front of its building along Loewen Boulevard. Spokesperson Karen Peters says the garden is an expansion of the peace pole that they erected last year.

"We planted a peace pole on Peace Sunday, November 12th and this year, we have created a peace garden surrounding the peace pole. The purpose is to invite passersby to come and sit an reflect on the meaning of peace. We have created a wonderful pathway that takes us right to the sidewalk on Loewen Boulevard and it is a very accessible pathway."

Peters notes a peace pole has global significance.

"The idea of a peace pole is actually prevalent all over the world. It is on all continents and in hundreds of countries. The peace pole signifies something that we are striving for, not just in our own homes and congregations and communities, but worldwide."

Peters adds Steinbach Mennonite Church is an Anabaptist congregation and their stance on peace is an important part of what they do and what they try to live.

The dedication service is scheduled at 10:20 a.m.