Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach has been dealing with viral infections this week involving children under 2 years old.
Facility Manager Madeline Baril says some of the children had to be admitted and they've been placed on contact precautions to prevent the spread to other patients. Baril adds the number of children with the infections has declined the past 2 days and they hope the worst is over. She says the symptoms include a runny, stuffy nose and congestion. But it becomes more serious when children develop a choking cough and laboured breathing along with other symptoms like ear infections. Doctor Myron Thiessen of Steinbach Family Medical Centre 5 children were admitted and one has already been released.  He says they're not quite sure which germ is causing this illness but expect it's the RSV virus, which many of us have developed an immunity to.  Parents are urged to keep children at home if they have this illness and keep babies away from people who are sick.  Frequent hand-washing is important to prevent infection and it's suggested children not share toys when they are sick.