The Ste. Anne Lions Club hosted their annual car show at Redemptoriste Park in Ste. Anne on Tuesday evening, and many came out to check out the variety of vehicles.  

Robert Gosselin of the Ste. Anne Lions Club says they host the car show to connect the community.  

“Find some grass, get that car out of the sun. There's some like the big tow truck, there's cars, motorcycles. And again, no admission, no registration fee, which surprised some people. And we said, look, we're not handing out prizes, we're doing this so people from our community like those two little guys can come in and see it,” Gosselin says, pointing to children checking out the vehicles.  

On top of all the vehicles, they encouraged attendees to bring a tin for the bin, which is new this year. 

“And the tin for the bin is, first of all, to help the food bank because the food bank does great work, but it's a great way to teach children to start giving, right? We want parents to give, we want the little kids to put it into the bin. Giving can never start too early, and it's something that can be taught,” 

As for what’s next, the Ste. Anne Lions Club will continue providing vision screening to children in southeast Manitoba and beyond. Gosselin says they are seeking volunteers, whether with the club or screening. Those interested can contact the Ste. Anne Lions Club. 

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