The SRSS musical is coming back for the first time in three years. 

Drama teacher and Director, Daniel Grant, is excited for the students to perform The Music Man next week. 

"We're really just looking forward to getting back on stage. It's been a long time coming. It's been three years since we've had a show up on the stage of this caliber and we're just looking forward to seeing people out in the community." 

They chose the story for several reasons. The Music Man was actually Grant’s first show he performed in as a kid, so it is a show that is special to him. 

“I wanted these kids to have the opportunity to perform something that not only I was passionate about, but they could see the transformative nature of what a traditional musical could be.” 

The story takes place in rural River City Iowa in 1912, and revolves around Professor Harold Hill. 

"He comes to this town that's super stubborn and stuck in its ways, and he meets characters that challenge him a little bit in his conman ways, and we see this huge change happen in the show,” he says. “There are big musical numbers, he dances and sings and brings all these kids to life, and it's just a really fun show.” 

Harold Hill is being portrayed by Cole Reimer, a grade 11 student at the SRSS. Reimer is honored to have the lead role, as it will be the first production he has ever been in. 

Reimer says it’s been interesting learning all about how a production is made and being a part of the process. 

"You go from scene to scene, things don't really mix together while you practice it, but eventually just doing all the numbers and learning different little tips and tricks as you go along, and then finally seeing everything come together is just really cool.” 

Ellie Balfour is another grade 11 student in the musical. She plays Winthrop Peroo, the younger brother of leading lady Marian. 

Balfour watched the movie before she auditioned and was really hoping to get cast as Winthrop. 

“I was just absolutely in love with the character, and then I wrote it in big letters on my audition form. And I knew that Mr. Grant had also been Winthrop when he was in the production.” 

Lysander Brandt has been in school musicals since grade two, but this is Brandt’s first big production. 

Brandt plays Marcellus Washburn, an old friend of Harold Hill. 

The musical has brought students together and helped them form new friendships. 

"Everybody is having a great time, and we're really making connections outside of the musical, which is cool to see,” says Brandt. “Like the friendships that weren't going to be there without the musical kind of like pushing them onto us, which is really neat.” 

Grant says the musical allows us to watch our young people really shine. He’s extremely appreciative of the kids and all the effort they have put in. 

“And honestly, I think that really anything that we've gone through, we're going to come out better on the other side,” he says. “As long as we're proud at the end of the show, I think that the preparations will all be worth it.” 

Come see The Music Man at SRSS Theatre from Wednesday, December 7th, to Friday, December 9th. The show starts at 7:00 PM. Get your tickets for $10 at the SRSS library. 


with files from Michelle Sawatzky