During the summer months, final numbers were tallied in the Hanover School Division which indicated going over budget for fuel in the 2022-23 school year. 

Superintendent Shelley Amos says they do their best in guessing what the division will need for fuel but there are contributing factors that resulted in spending more money than expected. 

“It’s hard to predict these days because of fluctuating numbers” she says, “and they seem to be going up instead of down.” 

For the 2022-23 school year, Hanover budgeted $678,500 for fuel and it became apparent by spring that they would be spending more than that. 

By the end of June, the division had spent $837,452. 

“So, we did budget a little bit more this year,” says Amos, “trying to give our best estimate of what the cost of fuel will be. We know last year too that we were really robust at the end of the year with field trips. Again, that was probably a bit of a rebound effect from the pandemic, and everybody was excited to get back out, so we were happy to do it even though it meant we were over budget in fuel costs.” 

The Hanover School Division will have a couple additional bus routes this school year to accommodate the increase in bus students.  

There are more than 120 daily bus routes in Hanover, the largest rural school division in Manitoba. More than 5,300 students use Hanover school buses on a regular basis.


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