With more than a month to go before this school year wraps up, the Hanover School Division has already spent more on fuel than was expected. 

The 2022-23 budget included $678,500 for fuel and the division has already spent $695,300 with a few weeks left in the school year. 

“We certainly are feeling the inflationary costs in fuel,” says Superintendent Shelley Amos. 

During the winter, there were four snow days, or cold weather days, in which the buses were not running. That resulted in a savings of approximately $3,100 per day for a total of $12,400 which had not been planned for. 

Amos notes Hanover has increased their fuel budget for next year. 

“For the upcoming 23/24 year, we are budgeting $857,200 and of course, our price per litre is an estimate,” she says, noting that they could end up spending more than that, depending on the fluctuation of fuel prices. 

The Hanover School Division will have a couple additional bus routes next year to accommodate the increase in bus students for next year. 

There are already more than 120 daily bus routes in Hanover, the largest rural school division in Manitoba. More than 5,300 students use the school buses on a regular basis.