A severely malnourished dog was found on the streets in Niverville early this week and he is now getting a lot of help. 

The dog is now named Bodie, and his condition is so severe, it has tugged on many hearts. 

As soon as Bodie was secured, a veterinarian drove into Niverville to open their clinic that evening and check his condition. 

He was taken in by Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue and Janelle Dawson, dog intake coordinator, met Bodie that evening. 

“He was in very rough shape,” she says. “When I showed up and saw him in person, it was even worse than what I was expecting.”

Bodie at the vet.(Photo Credit: Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue)

Tests were done and then Bodie was put on I.V. fluids to address extreme dehydration. 

Dawson is fostering Bodie for now, to make sure he remains stable. 

“Then we're going to bring him back to the vet,” she says. “We have an appointment booked for three weeks to make sure he's still doing all right. Then we want to get his vaccines and then we'll see how stable he is, how much weight he’s gained, and then we're going to determine if we can go ahead and book his neuter. And once all that is done, then he'll be up for adoption.” 

Photos of Bodie have grabbed a lot of attention and Dawson appreciates the support as well as the financial donations to help pay for Bodie’s medical expenses. 

Although things look rough for the dog, Dawson is optimistic about his future. 

“Every day, he continues to progress a little further and his eyes look a little brighter, and his tail is wagging a lot more,” Dawson reports. “So, he's coming along.”

-With files from Carly Koop