If you are looking for an intro to regenerative farming or to ‘grow’ your knowledge in the practices, there is an event happening Thursday, that is just for you. 

The Regen Ag Day event gives you the chance to talk with and learn from leaders ‘in the field’ who are experienced in regenerative farming. 

Joey Pankiw, manager at Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District (SRRWD) says ALUS Canada is helping them host a day dedicated to sharing regenerative agriculture practices.  

“We'll be bringing speakers in to give an introduction on how to start doing some of these regenerative ag practices,” he says. “Or even if you're already doing them, maybe taking those next steps. It's all about creating knowledge amongst the community.” 

They have speakers Blain Hjertaas and Michael Thiele, from Understanding Ag, who have been key sources of information for SRRWD this past year. Pankiw says,  “They've been actually to a couple tours with us this summer, and they're coming back to do some more speaking.” 

They will also have speaker Tannis Axten from Axten Farms Minton, Saskatchewan.  

“(He’s) a real expert in the regenerative ag community. So we're excited to have these speakers in, and for them to be able to share their knowledge with people within our watershed district.” 

Pankiw notes, anyone in the farm community or anyone who has a general interest in regenerative ag should definitely come to the event.  “If you just started trying out some of these regenerative ag practices, or even if you're not thinking of doing these practices right away, it's always good knowledge to have.” 

He says the practices they talk about help in a multitude of ways, one way being water infiltration. “We're keeping that water on the ground, and it's not flowing off the fields in a destructive way. We don't have a lot of nutrient loss that will be added to the waterways,” he says. “Also, a lot of these projects use a wide biodiversity, so we're using a lot of different plant species within one field so that really increases the pollinator habitat.” 

The event will be held at the Friedensfeld Hall on January 25th from 10am-3pm. Lunch will be provided. Registration is free. 

Please RSVP to administrator@srrwd.ca or call 204-326-1030 ext. 4.