The Red River crest has now reached Letellier. In fact, the river level there has started to drop.

Since Monday, Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure is reporting the following changes in levels along the Red River:

  • down one inch at Emerson to 790.46 feet
  • down less than one inch at Letellier to 784.84 feet (2009 crest was 785.51 feet)
  • up one inch at St. Jean to 782.14 feet (2009 crest was 782.89 feet)
  • up three inches at Morris to 780.55 feet (2009 crest was 781.66 feet)
  • up three inches at Ste. Agathe to 771.95 feet (2009 crest was 774.10 feet)
  • up three inches at St. Adolphe to 767.75 feet (2009 crest was 769.26 feet)

Since Monday, the Roseau River has seen the following changes:

  • up two inches at Gardenton to 967.33 feet
  • up less than one inch at Stuartburn to 950.16 feet
  • up two inches at Dominion City (PR 200) to 783.21 feet

Meanwhile, since Monday, the Rat River has risen less than one inch near Otterburne to 772.86 feet, while the Seine River near Ste. Anne has gone up two inches to 833.43 feet.