No, she wasn't part of the tractor parade -- but she was, by far, the cutest tractor driver at the Mennonite Heritage Village on Monday. She was one of many children who enjoyed "Spring on the Farm" with their families. The weather was just right for such a day -- not too cold, not too hot... just right. So many things to see and do plus all there is to learn about our history -- all in one place. Don't forget the amazing Mennonite cuisine -- from verenikje, to kieljke, all smothered in schmont fat, to the waffles smothered in cream sauce. Congratulations to Executive Barry Dyck, Anne Toews and their entire crew at the MHV for making this yet, another "Spring on the Farm" we won't forget. Never mind, we all love this event because for most of us, it signifies the start of the summer fun season!!