The Prairie Basketball League will wrap up their Spring League in style this coming weekend.  

League Commissioner Abram Razon says on Saturday they'll kick things off with the Future Stars Celebration for the little ones and will follow that up with 6 back-to-back championship games for the rest of their divisions. 

“It's going to be an exciting one. I think that for Spring League in general, this year there's been a lot more spectators, which is good! As the weather gets warmer, people would rather go off camping and go to the lake and the cabins, but actually that hasn't been the case this year, which is surprising, but in a good way.” 

Even though plenty of teams have already been knocked out, Razon says their league is very supportive. 

“With the type of camaraderie that we have built within our organization, I think that everybody's just there to support one another, which is amazing to see. Whether they're playing in the championship game or not, they want to be there to watch and to support other players.” 

In addition to the crowds, Razon says they try to make their players feel special by doing individual player introductions and by holding an award ceremony to wrap up the day. 

But the activity doesn't stop on Saturday.  

Razon notes “Originally our All-Star weekend was supposed to be scheduled on June 8th, but we had to reschedule games for that. Now we're going to do it on June 23rd, which is this Sunday after the championship games. We get to see not just the top teams, but the top players in the league go at it.” 

Once again, there are a number of all-star games and Razon says they are all going to be a blast. He adds “I'm super excited, especially with the kids, just seeing how much they have progressed over the last year since we have started the organization, it’s just amazing to see how competitive these kids are getting and it's only the beginning.” 

Another event that is back on All-Star Sunday is the fan-favourite slam dunk competition with a bunch of players taking part.  

With the Spring League coming to an end, Razon says the PBL executive is starting to look forward to summer. 

“We have our summer tournament coming up on July 20 to 21st along with our Battlegrounds Camp for the youth on the Wednesday and Friday leading up to that week. Then after that, August and the beginning part of September will be used to plan for Winter League.”