Motorists passing Victoria Plaza on Brandt Street can’t help but notice a new pharmacy has arrived.  

Scott Penner shares his story, and what led to his decision to open a Pharmasave location in Steinbach.   

“I grew up in Kleefeld and Steinbach,” reveals Penner. “I went to the SRSS, graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 1992, then lived in southern Ontario for about 25 years. Just three years ago, I moved back to be closer to family here and many of my longtime friends and colleagues.” 

Penner says that upon his return to the city, he saw an opportunity to provide pharmacy services that he didn’t see elsewhere in the region. 

“I’d started two pharmacies from scratch in Ontario,” shares Penner. “When I moved back to Steinbach, I noticed the growth, and that some services and products were still lacking in southeast Manitoba. So I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to open pharmacy number three and show people maybe a different way; to offer something new and different to the community.” 

As a full-service pharmacy, Pharmasave Steinbach fills prescriptions of course, but they also offer many unique products.  

“We sell Ideal Protein, which is a professionally supervised weight loss lifestyle program,” says Penner. “We also fill prescriptions and offer blister packs, specialty compounding, disease management through lifestyle, smoking cessation counselling, UTI-prescribing, compression stockings, a wide variety of home health care supplies, and immunizations.” 

Penner has some good news for those interested in getting their prescriptions filled quickly. “We have very low wait times for prescriptions, and free region-wide prescription delivery as well.” 

Wait, did he say Pharmasave Steinbach also offers free delivery? 

“Yes,” confirms Penner. “We're trying to roll out a fairly large delivery area just to get people to shop local and to support local businesses. We'll also soon be implementing a full 24-hour contact information line, so we can be reached anytime for anything.” 

Penner points out that Pharmasave runs differently than other pharmacies. 

“Pharmasave has been in Canada since 1981, and is actually a co-op, so if a member in another province does well, it helps me. And if I do well, that helps my other co-op members. With over 800 stores in the country, Pharmasave offers great support to each location. It's a bottom-up company with no corporate oversight. It’s totally independent. Each location is owned and operated locally so we can tailor our programs and services to meet the specific needs of our individual patients.” 

He adds that at Pharmasave, they pride themselves on getting to know their customers – taking an active interest in people's health. “It's more than just filling prescriptions – it’s about making connections and relationships.” 

Interior of Pharmasave in Steinbach

Penner encourages everyone to drop in at the new Steinbach Pharmasave location.  

“It’s very easy to transfer prescriptions – all it takes is a simple phone call or fax and you can continue your pharmacy care here. We'll look after you like you've never been looked after before.” 

Steinbach’s brand new Pharmasave location is in Victoria Plaza at the corner of Main and Brandt, between Crossroads Convenience and Red Apple. 

“We’re committed to providing the best possible care and service to patients and their caregivers.”