“For years, it’s been my mother’s dream to be able to do this.” 

Nick Lanteigne, Sales Manager at GNM Fine Jewellers, is referring to his mother Amanda Lanteigne, President and Chief Operating Officer of the boutique.  

With their store’s recent move out of Clearspring Centre and into the very centre of Steinbach, he reveals some of the feedback they’re getting from shoppers.  

“A lot of people say our store looks and feels so much bigger now. And that's exactly what we've always wanted to do. It’s a move that’s been years in the making.” 

GNM Fine Jewellers. Photo credit: Charmaine Toews PhotographyPhoto credit: Charmaine Toews Photography

Reflecting on their days in the mall, he says at times when the store was especially crowded, he and Amanda would wish to have the room to allow their customers some space as they shopped. That’s when the dream of relocating first took root.  

This isn’t the store’s first move, however.  

Now in its third generation, GNM Fine Jewellers first opened its doors as Gold-N-Memories in Steinbach’s Downtown Shoppers Plaza in 1986, moving to Clearspring Centre in 2002. Now with its recent relocation, the sparkling boutique marks a return to the city centre.  

“April 5th was our first official day, and it's been amazing! When people walk into the store they’re always in awe, and that just makes it so much better.” 

Lanteigne says it was incredible to see people lined up for the store’s official grand opening on May 5th as well, including one particularly important guest. 

“On our grand opening morning, Oma (Gerda Schinkel) was standing outside with the crowd, waiting for the doors to open. We told her to come in – she’s such a big part of what we’re doing here and just very humbled to see that what she started 37 years ago, to see what it’s grown into, here in our community.” 

He says that while there were about 60 people in the new space for the grand opening, everyone still had room to move around and admire all the glittering gems.  

GNM Fine Jewellers. Photo credit: Charmaine Toews PhotographyGNM Fine Jewellers owners and staff . Photo credit: Charmaine Toews Photography

Diamonds aren’t the only sparkles at GNM Fine Jewellers. Everything in the store is new and eye-catching – including the jewelry cases.  

“About a year ago, we went to a jewelry show in Las Vegas, looking for a cabinet designer and case manufacturer,” says Lanteigne. “Jewelry lighting is notoriously difficult to source – but we found a company that manufactures its own lights, so if we need a replacement light, they can easily make one. It’s very important for us to have the right lighting. And, we do. When you visit the store, you can see the lighting's definitely something else. They really knocked it out of the park.” 

Lanteigne adds that everything in their new standalone boutique turned out exactly the way they had envisioned it from the beginning.  

“We hired the right people and it all came together perfectly.” 

With their new space and jewelry cases, GNM Fine Jewellers has also been able to increase their offerings.  

“Our Bridal Island has almost doubled in size,” says Lanteigne. “And our Maple Leaf Boutique is now the centerpiece – really showcasing our flagship bridal brand.”  

He adds that those who appreciate fine watches also have plenty of choice in store.  

“With our dedicated watch area, we can really showcase the nice brands we see in demand. And with that in mind, we’ve also recently become a premium retailer for Seiko watches.” 

GNM Fine Jewellers is also the only Pandora diamond outlet you’ll find between Calgary and Toronto.   

“It’s very exclusive,” says Lanteigne. “And we love the designs – they're well made. And for genuine gold and diamond jewelry, the pricing is awesome.” 

Now with Father's Day around the corner, Lanteigne has many solid gift suggestions.  

“We have probably 400 watches – seven different brands. Also silver jewelry, necklaces, bracelets – at many different price points, too. A great option are our dog tags that can be engraved with messages from the kids for Father’s Day.”  

Stop in and see the beautiful space for yourself! Visit Nick, Amanda, and staff at GNM Fine Jewellers’ new location, 375 Main Street Steinbach. 

See them online at https://www.gnmjewellers.com/ 

GNM Fine Jewellers. Photo credit: Schinkel PhotographyGNM Fine Jewellers. Photo credit: Schinkel Photography