As the Mennonite Heritage Village gets closer to the end of its fiscal year, Executive Director Gary Dyck says they are hoping for more donations to come in before they close the books on this year. 

“The donations unfortunately have been down,” Dyck reports. “And the grants have been way up and so that's good for lots of activity, lots of busyness. But to keep it going day-to-day, that's what we need the donations for.” 

He says government grants can only be used for specific purposes, but they do not cover the daily expenses. 

According to MHV’s website, the operations are funded approximately 60% by their own services, 15% by government grants, and 25% by fundraising initiatives and donations. 

“Grants are for special projects, special restorations,” Dyck says. “It's the donations that actually keep us going.” 

MHV has received funding through grants to pay for some winter activities such as the outdoor skating trail, a warming shack, and Christmas lights.