The Mayor for Ritchot says he is not concerned to see construction totals for this year lagging behind 2022 numbers.

From January 1st through March 31st of this year, the municipality issued 29 building permits worth a combined $10.8 million. Through the same period one year earlier, there were 44 permits, totalling $11.9 million. 

The difference is even more glaring when you compare new housing starts. In the first quarter this year there were three permits taken out for residential builds, compared to 19 one year earlier. Of the three new housing starts this year, two are in St. Adolphe and the other one is in Grande Pointe.

"I don't think it's concerning," says Chris Ewen. "I've said it before that you can only grow so fast, so quickly, so sustainably."

According to Ewen, growth has not become stagnant, it is just happening at a slower pace this year. Though, he reminds us that 2022 was an outstanding year for construction, both in terms of building permit numbers and total value, for Ritchot. 

"The reason why we saw more residential growth last year as a whole is because people were looking to move," he explains. "The real estate season was much different back then, they were looking to get out of the city, coming into the rural communities and we saw a lot of growth in the St. Adolphe, Grande Pointe region, especially."

Ewen says if he were to speculate, he would guess that spring and summer will be slower for construction in Ritchot, but then anticipates things to pick up dramatically in fall and winter. That is because of some major projects coming onto the books. He notes there are a few projects coming on board in Ile des Chenes, another phase set to take shape in the Tourond Creek development in St. Adolphe and a lot of potential for Grande Pointe Meadows. 

"It's nothing to do with moratoriums in our municipality," he assures. "It's just about what exactly the people are looking for and when and where are they going to put it."