After another frustrating situation, an officer from the Springfield Police Department says drivers need to learn about their responsibility when emergency crews are approaching.

Constable Jesse Zillman was responding to a call this past week and was coming up to the road he needed to turn onto, on the right hand side.

In his path, there was a vehicle that had pulled over onto the shoulder but was still driving.

"I now have to slow down and they have to either figure out if they’re going to proceed passed me so I can turn right, or if they’re going to stop so that I can turn right,” Zillman says. “It’s pretty tough to try to signal that to a driver when you’re both driving at 80 kilometres an hour.”

He says this scenario has become all too common in the region and Zillman says it has to stop.

“People feel, ‘okay, I’ve moved over. That should be good enough. You can get around me.’ The issue is, sometimes we don’t need to get around you, sometimes we need to get in front of you,” Zillman explains.

While responding to an emergency, Zillman says there is a lot going on inside the police car.

From operating lights and sirens, operating the communications radio, gathering information and formulating a plan of action. And when there are other vehicles around, it’s one more thing that officers need to worry about, Zillman says it’s a dangerous situation.

He urges drivers to stay alert on the road, check mirrors frequently so you can see emergency vehicles approaching, and then pull over and come to a complete stop.