Lindsay Penner is bright, joyful, with an infectious laugh. Yet at the same time her presence is soothing, relaxing. It all makes so much sense when you consider her shop, Muscle Matters and Body Care

“We’re in the Shoppers Plaza Mall next to Solomon’s Furniture,” explains Penner. “I wanted to keep our atmosphere quiet, private, and serene, so we just have a little door between Bake World and Jacob's Locksmithing.” 

Muscle Matters is a name that is familiar to all who had regularly traversed Steinbach’s busy Brandt Street from 2010 to 2019.  

“I graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2009, and worked out of my house for about a year until I met Karis Penner and we opened Muscle Matters on Brandt.” 

The pair of Registered Massage Therapists built a solid reputation and loyal client base, and the business was doing well. Then 2019 happened. 

“That year, I went through a lot of personal changes,” shares Penner. “My daughter was grown, I was divorced, and when it came to our business, Karis and I were on different pages. I needed to figure out what I wanted… so I skipped the country and backpacked around Hawaii!” 

After three months of hiking volcanoes, surfing lessons, and living out of a tent, Penner returned to Steinbach with a renewed outlook. 

“I realized that every place has things that aren't great about it. I do not love the weather in Manitoba, but I do love my friends and my family in Manitoba. And I find that it's easier to live here and travel, than it would be to live elsewhere and have to travel to see my friends and family. I want them to be part of my everyday life.” 

The original Muscle Matters location was sold, and Penner moved her solo business to downtown Steinbach.  

“I rented a room from a body sugaring company, who had an extra room in the shop. When it came up for sale, I thought maybe this is where I'm supposed to be! So I bought it and learned about body sugaring.” 

At this point, Muscle Matters’ renewed presence began to attract a new community of body care professionals.  

“Several previous staff and students who had worked with us at our Brandt Street location approached me, and we just grew from there – attracting professionals who really love what they do.” 

As Muscle Matters and Body Care grew organically, its ethos of empowerment emerged.  

“I want you to get good quality professional services from staff who are very good at what they do, and truly love what they do and are empowered to do it well. That in turn has brought us truly excellent clients.” 

While Penner and her team of five RMTs provide quality massage therapy complemented by exercises and stretches clients can do at home to address their unique issues, the setting at Muscle Matters and Body Care is very relaxed, almost spa-like. This is because Penner believes relaxation plays an important role in overall well-being.  

As she has attracted passionate, skilled service providers, her business offerings have expanded as well. Today Muscle Matters and Body Care is massage and so much more.  

“We also have a body sugarist, an aesthetician, and a skincare specialist. We provide services such as facials, acne treatments for face and back, and anti-aging care such as facial sculpting, ultrasound treatments, and microdermabrasion.” 

The shop also offers Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy, a high-end service typically found at medical spas. IPL therapy treats dark spots, eases fine lines and wrinkles, and improves complexion. Penner says IPL has helped even out her freckles. 

“We also have four people trained to use the IPL for permanent hair removal, which we offer at a great price,” reveals Penner. “And we now have an artist from Germany who is skilled in permanent makeup – tattooed eyeliner, eyebrows, lip blushing – she’s very talented and her services have been quite popular.” 

“It's important to me to empower the people around me to do what they love, and I think that in turn, brings customers who love being here.” 

Step inside the shop or browse online and you’ll see that Muscle Matters and Body Care also carries retail items that complement their services, such as lotions, soaps, and scrubs. Many organic, locally made products such as bath bombs and the bestselling Stormy Day candles. On the walls you’ll see stunning resin and fluid art created by a local artist. 

“We have a truly excellent crew, a group of like-minded people who want the best for our clients, for the services they provide, and for the business as a whole, so I feel really lucky, really proud to have those people surrounding me every day.” 

Join Muscle Matters and Body Care for their first ever open house on Saturday June 17th during Summer in the City. Find them inside the strip mall behind the SITC main stage, and pop in to enjoy beverages, discounts, demonstrations, free consultations, and enter for your chance to win some great prizes, including passes to Thermea!  

Muscle Matters and Body Care is located at 276 Main Street in Steinbach, open Monday through Friday from 9-5. Browse the shop or book services in person or online at