Steinbach’s Headway program will be hiring a youth coordinator as they expand their youth services.

Brenda Brown, Coordinator of Headway, says she has been busy running both the adult and youth programs. She notes it is time to hire a youth coordinator so she can focus her efforts on the adult program.

Brown says their new employee should be starting sometime this fall.

Headway is a local organization that helps at-risk youth. Brown adds “we work with multiple community resources and agencies and kind of collaborate together to make sure that the youth is going in a direction that they want to be going in.”

When you give support to someone who hasn’t had much support in the past, Brown says it gives them an opportunity to strive for a better life and they are able to reach their goals.

She explains what it’s like seeing all of the people Headway has been able to help, “We’ve had a lot of youth that have stabilized over the years. It’s been really neat just to see them around town, or working at their jobs, or one of them is in university right now. It’s very, very exciting.”

Headway is fairly new to the community, being founded in 2016, but they have already been able to help hundreds of youth, whether it be through consultation or the program itself.