The Rural Municipality of Hanover is looking to expand its curbside compost program. 

In 2022, Hanover launched a pilot project in Mitchell. Residents there were given totes, similar to the ones used for garbage and recycling pickup. But these totes were instead used for compost. 

Reeve Jim Funk says the plan all along was to see how the program would catch on in Mitchell and then consider rolling it out to other communities in Hanover. 

"I haven't heard anything negative," says Funk. "So, I am assuming that they are happy with it."

One year later, Funk says they are ready to add a second community.

"We are going to be extending our composting to Blumenort," notes Funk.

According to the municipality, Hanover has already taken possession of the new totes for Blumenort. The plan is to begin delivering them to residents in mid-August. Chief Administrative Officer Luc Lahaie says the curbside pickup service will then commence in September. 

Lahaie says the pilot project in Mitchell showed that ratepayers prefer using the larger compost totes, which are 96 gallons in size. Both communities will have the option of requesting the size of bin they prefer. Mitchell residents who initially chose the smaller totes are also now being given the opportunity to exchange theirs for the larger size. 

Lahaie notes there is no extra charge for this service for residents of Mitchell or Blumenort. He says residents are already paying for composting services through their property taxes by the weekly compost trailer setup. 

Funk says curbside compost is a great program because it helps to remove grass clippings from entering the landfill. He notes in the end that saves the municipality with its garbage collection fees. 

Funk reminds residents of Hanover that they are also allowed to drop off their grass clippings free of charge at the Steinbach landfill site. He notes this might be a good option for those communities that do not yet have the curbside compost service or even for residents of Mitchell and Blumenort who may have more than what can fit in a 96-gallon tote. 

Meanwhile, he notes Hanover will continue to gauge the sort of appetite that exists toward the curbside compost program in the municipality. If it remains strong, he says they may continue rolling it out to other communities.