Soccer players in Grunthal should have a brand new pitch to play on next year.

Jared Fast works with youth soccer in Grunthal. He says they are building a regulation-sized field directly south of Tristar Field. Tristar Field runs east-west and Fast says the new field will run north-south.

According to Fast, all of the preliminary work is already done including the groundwork and topping of the field. Crews are now doing the finish work, noting the seed is down and they are watering. He adds a fence around the field will help protect it until it is ready for use. 

Fast says it is quite likely this field will not be used until the latter part of next summer. This is largely because they want the initial grass growth to take root and develop. He suggests spring will probably be too early for play, and says maybe it can be used for the high school season. 

Constructing this field was done with the help of volunteers. Fast says a field of this quality can cost between $200,000 and $300,000 to build. He notes the work was paid for through donations, some money they had in savings and also grants awarded to the Rural Municipality of Hanover. 

The new field is 120 yards long by 100 yards wide. It is larger than the existing field, which Fast says is on the smaller side of regulation. He notes this allows more opportunity for people of all ages to play soccer in Grunthal.

"Provides a very affordable exercise and sports and use in regards to those sorts of programs," notes Fast. "It will just be nothing but good for our community as we look at moving forward with that."

Fast indicates that the sport of soccer has been growing in Grunthal over the last number of years. He notes it has been a struggle to find field time for all the children signed up to play. In addition to that, there is a men's league that uses the field as well.

"(This) will be able to open up our availability and our opportunities in regards to expansion of the program," adds Fast.