The Steinbach Public Works Department is doing what it can to get rid of water during this second winter thaw in the past month. Department head Randy Reimer says they are opening a few drains where water has been building up. But he adds that is only a temporary solution.

"In a day or so we are going to get cold temperatures again and to keep the water flowing is impossible. We'll try and drain what we possibly can and, as these water puddles start icing up, we'll remove the ice and slush that's left."

Reimer says in the North Front Drive-Lund Road area, they're having problems removing a large puddle because the Keating Drain is quite full and not draining normally. He adds there are also problems with ice along Hespeler Street between Highway #52 and Loewen Boulevard which they are trying to clear as well as issues in a few other areas.

Meanwhile, Reimer says they have been able to complete a significant amount of snow removal from boulevards.

"We've got most of the main collector streets and waterways, that carry a lot of water on the surface, cleared so that should make it a little better for us come spring. We would still like to remove a little bit more but we'll have to play the weather by ear and see what it does and what it allows us to do. We want to make sure our drains are open and working because we're not that far away from the beginning of March and you never know what you'll get in March."

A backhoe creating a channel for water to drain in the North Front Drive/Lund Road area Tuesday