What do you get when you combine more than a dozen antique tractors, a fall pumpkin display, and a free lunch from an artisanal meat supplier? According to Kallyn Mehling of Ungers, an opportunity to bring the community together, and thank loyal customers. 

On Saturday, September 23, Ungers will be holding its Fall Sale. The Mitchell, Manitoba business held a similar event last fall and is once again excited to celebrate its friends and supporters. 

“We really want to thank our customers,” says Mehling, an owner and marketing manager at Ungers. “We want people from the community to come to the farm and enjoy good food and fellowship with their friends and families.” 

Ungers will provide a meal of sausage burgers, chips, and drinks, and it’s all free of charge. Their famous cinnamon buns and slices of pumpkin pie will also be available for only $1.00 each. 

Customers will also have the chance to take advantage of Fall Sale prices on farmer sausage, ready-made meals, BBQ sauce, and more. And the store will also be stocked with spices, deli meats, and value packs. Ungers has partnered with some great local businesses to add to the storewide sales, including St. Pierre Bakery, Farmer’s Daughter Co., and Stone City Coffee Roasters, among others. 

“We are also excited to offer sale prices on select 20kg bags of livestock feed,” says Mehling, referencing Ungers’ wide selection of cattle, equine, hog, and wildlife feed and minerals.” 

Ungers, opening at 9:00 a.m., will also have autumn activities on the yard, free samples of select meat products, and guests will have photo opportunities with fun fall displays. Another highlight will be the Ungers display of 13 Allis-Chalmers vintage tractors. 

“Our Late Grandpa Ben Unger, had a passion for tractors, which became an important part of the family homestead,” explains Mehling, adding, “If you’re a tractor enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to come check out a selection that’s important to our family." 

Finally, customers who spend $50 or more at the fall sale will be entered to win a number of prizes, one of which is a charcoal grill. 

“We always love doing grill giveaways, which is why we have chosen a PK charcoal grill for our grand prize,” says Mehling. 

But grill or no grill, everyone will come away with something on the 23rd, be it the free lunch, the activities and displays, or simply the enjoyment of a day on the farm. 

“Our goal is to bring people together,” says Mehling. “We want to feed them a free meal, get them some good food in their freezers as well as other store items at a discounted price.” 

Ungers is located at 33014 Rd 31 E, Center St. S in Mitchell. For those unfamiliar with the farm site, it’s three miles south of Mitchell, right off Highway 52. They can be reached by calling (204) 326-3813 or emailing info@ungers1903.ca