Eric Neufeld knows what happens when you neglect your air conditioning unit.

“All kinds of dust, grass, and dirt gets packed in there, and really cuts down on the efficiency. Over time, it can really damage the A/C unit.”

Neufeld is a service technician with Titanium Mechanical in Steinbach.

“When people call Titanium for a service, I'm one of the technicians coming out and doing the diagnostics, service, and repair. You'll probably be seeing me most of the time.”

Now as we're heading towards summer, most people have not used their air conditioners… but the day is swiftly approaching. Knowledgeable service techs such as Neufeld strongly recommend a cleaning and service ahead of the hotter season.

“It's very important to get your A/C checked at least once a year – very important to get it cleaned as well, because it's drawing in air constantly as it's doing the cooling, especially that unit outside.”

Some homeowners will try to clean their air conditioning units themselves.

“It's not that easy to do that on your own,” reflects Neufeld. “You can, if you're careful with the garden hose and a low setting kind of wash it off a little bit, but it would still be recommended to get your A/C checked out by a service tech. We can check out the electronic side of it as well.”

Right now, Titanium Mechanical is offering an early bird special for A/C service and checkup.

“We've dropped the price significantly to $129.90,” notes Neufeld. “That gets a tech on site and servicing your A/C, getting it ready for summer.”

Neufeld says that usually people will be spending between $169 and $289 to get their air conditioning unit ready for summer, so $129.90 is definitely a deal.

“Once we're on site, if you have any more questions about your A/C, its longevity, different things you can do to keep it running well, you’ll have a service tech there who is very, very knowledgeable and is ready to answer your questions.”

For those who don’t have time to think about maintaining their home comfort systems, Titanium Mechanical also offers a monthly subscription service.

“Our Service Partner Plan includes A/C service in spring, and furnace service in fall. There are a lot of different options, flexibility, and levels of service. There are also other pieces of equipment that can be added into the plan, such as HRVs or plumbing.”

To take advantage of the early bird special which ends May 31st, call Titanium Mechanical at (204) 392-2924 or visit their website.

And if you’d like to learn more about the kind of service Titanium Mechanical provides, you can read their reviews here.