Picture a staycation paradise.

Maybe there’s a new patio, a sunroom, too. And a swim spa would sure be nice. What about a fence?

Now, imagine it all coming together.

“We like to think of ourselves as a backyard redesign specialist,” says Michael Giesbrecht, owner of Deckcetera. “From decks to fences to pergolas, sunrooms, hot tubs and everything in between, we can provide it.

As the name – and it’s a good one – suggests, decks and patios are a major focus at Deckcetera, located at the corner of Hwy 12 and Loewen Blvd in Steinbach. Giesbrecht points out that all decking products at the store are composite and maintenance-free, although he likes to highlight the new No-Gap decking option.

“With traditional decking you have a ⅛” gap between the boards where bugs can get through, grass can grow and I somehow manage to drop my keys through. With No-Gap decking, the space disappears and so does the fastener, but water can still drain.

Additionally, all fasteners are hidden.

“If you like staining your deck every year, then we might not be the right place for you,” Giesbrecht jokes. “But if you don’t like doing that, then stop by and see what we have. We can put a quote together for you so you can see how affordable composite decking actually is.”

As to the “-cetera” part of the business name, Giesbrecht explains that Deckcetera also carries composite and aluminum fencing products, complete with flourishes such as gates, lighting and decorative panels. Their pergolas, meanwhile, all feature LED lighting, powder coated aluminum frames, aluminum louvered power roofs, and rain management systems.

Then there are the patio furniture items, such as tables, chairs, and full living room suites. And finally, the hot tubs and swim spas.

“We definitely have a good selection of hot tubs and swim spas,” says Giesbrecht, adding that Deckcetera offers nearly 100 models to choose from. “We can have something delivered to you within the week, including all the service and support you need.”

a hot tub

He also underlines the store’s exceptional warranty, as well as installation and an in-house, long-term maintenance program.

Overall, Deckcetera continues to be a personal, and meticulous, passion of Giesbrecht’s.

“I spend a lot of time researching new products,” he says. “I want to bring new products to the province. Some of the products we have are new to the country, and we want to make them affordable. We want to provide a top-quality product at a price more and more people can afford.”

He also invites everyone in Steinbach, the Southeast and beyond to stop by the store and see first-hand what a backyard redesign might look like.

“If you’re looking at a hot tub now or in the future, or you want to see what we have for deck and fence packages, please just come in and take a look. We’ll be glad to show you around.

Deckcetera, at 5 Provincial Trunk Hwy 12, can be reached by calling (204) 846-1961 or by visiting their website. They can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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