New Census data shows about one of every five residents in Steinbach is an immigrant.

According to 2021 Census numbers released Wednesday, 21.3 per cent of Steinbach's population are immigrants. That number is actually very similar to the previous Census in 2016 when immigrants made up 20.5 per cent of Steinbach's population.

Most of Steinbach's immigrants came from the Philippines, followed by Germany and then Mexico and India. If you take a look at recent immigrant status, which includes those who landed in Steinbach between 2016 and 2021, most immigrants came from the Philippines, followed by India and then Nigeria.

The percentage of immigrants living in the Rural Municipality of Hanover is slightly lower than in Steinbach. According to the 2021 Census, 19.2 per cent of Hanover residents are considered immigrants. That is actually down from 22.0 per cent in the 2016 Census. 

Most of Hanover's immigrants came from Germany, followed by Russia and then Mexico. As for recent immigrant status, most immigrants came from Germany, followed by the Philippines and then Mexico. 

Meanwhile, according to Statistics Canada, 23.0 per cent of Canada's population were immigrants as of 2021. This is the largest proportion since Confederation, topping the previous record of 22.3 per cent in 1921.

If these trends continue, based on Statistics Canada's recent population projections, immigrants could represent between 29.1 and 34.0 per cent of the population of Canada by 2041.