The forest fire that had been burning out of control at Caddy Lake is now completely contained. That, according to Earl Simmons with Manitoba Sustainable Development who says crews made good progress Monday.

The fire broke out Sunday afternoon as the result of a tree lying on a hydro line which caused sparks. Simmons says the fire has burned 38 hectares.

According to Simmons, the province needed to send in a helicopter on Monday in order to assist with some areas that were heating up. But he is not anticipating any concerns for Tuesday, even with winds expected to gust to 60 kilometres per hour.

"My greatest concern today is if we get a new start and what kind of fire behaviour are we going to see with that," admits Simmons. "We won't have a lot of time to get on it before it gets up and running, so that's our greatest concern."

Simmons is urging the public to be very careful and exercise extreme caution while outdoors in these very dry conditions.

The fire is burning adjacent to Provincial Road 312, which runs off Highway 44 into Ingolf, Ontario. PR 312 remains closed at this time. However, Simmons says the goal is to have it reopened by the end of the day.

The fire has also forced the evacuation of Caddy Lake blocks 5, 6 and 7 as well as McDougal's Landing.

No buildings have been lost in the fire and Simmons says they have not needed to set up sprinklers on any cottages.

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