On Saturday, over 130 people gathered in Mitchell to celebrate 4H's 100th anniversary.

4H began in Roland in 1913, and since then has spread across the country.  Eastman 4H Council Member Brenda Dyck says the celebration was a day of fun for the whole family and even some special guests.

"It was also for alumni, for people that are out of 4H already, for the grandmothers and others who are no longer in 4H to come back and see what we're doing."

They used the Fun Day as a kickoff to the 4H season, which usually isn't done until later in the year.

"This is a first time thing." Dyck explains.  "In the past we have done rallies where the clubs would display them and compete against each other, so we sort of based it on that theory."

It was the only time 4H has conjoined the two events as they wanted to have a special celebration for 4H's 100th year.  Dyck adds they still plan to hold their regular kickoff, a Pop, Pizza and Pool Party in November like they usually do.

Brenda Dyck (left) and one of the 4H participants at the trick riding station