The patio is a great place to enjoy the nice summer days and the Pat Porter Active Living Centre (PPALC) has a great space to enjoy a coffee or lunch.

A volunteer gardener is having fun beautifying the grounds and growing produce for the kitchen at the centre. 

Jorden Gerbrandt has been working hard to fill the planters with soil and various plants. 

“We’re just going to plant some stuff for people to munch on, some strawberries, some tomatoes, cucumbers for the kitchen,” he says. “And then stuff to make it look nice so when people sit out here, they can enjoy some flowers.” 

A metal cart filled with plants between raised flower beds.A variety of plants are selected to be added to the patio area at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre.

Although Gerbrandt claims to not have a lot of gardening experience, one might speculate that he knows a fair amount about plants that repell insects. 

With the marigolds he has planted around the sitting area, it might be enough to keep mosquitoes, wasps and flies away. Planting marigolds is also a good way to get rid of aphids. 

Gerbrandt enjoys spending time outdoors but he’s also quick to lend a hand inside with a variety of maintenance projects. 

Jorden Gerbrandt plants marigolds into flower boxes.Volunteer Jorden Gerbrandt gets the patio ready at the Pat Porter Active Living Center.

What inspired him to join the volunteer team at PPALC? 

“It was just an idea, I figured I would come down here, I had some extra time. Sometimes you spend a lot of time thinking about yourself, and it definitely helps to go out and do stuff for people.” 

He says it feels good to volunteer at the centre, appreciating the fun and active environment. 

If you’re looking to add something to your day, he suggests that you consider becoming a volunteer.