The Mayor for Tache says taxes will be going down for most ratepayers in the municipality. However, he assures residents that they will be maintaining the same level of services.

Council has approved this year's budget. Armand Poirier says the entire budget is just shy of $29 million. He notes they recently held a public hearing to discuss their financial plan but not one ratepayer showed up. 

"So, I'm going to take it that the people are generally satisfied with what we are proposing," he says. "I'm quite pleased with the results of our financial plan."

Poirier says for most ratepayers in the municipality, particularly their Local Urban Districts of Landmark and Lorette, taxes will be going down. However, the same cannot be said for most agricultural land in the municipality.

"It was a farmland reassessment year and farmland went up by leaps and bounds as far as the value," he explains. "And so those assessments are reflected."

Poirier explains that it is because of reassessment that they are able to hold the line on taxes this year. 

"We had a great assessment increase in the municipality," he notes. "Assessment increase of 11.61 per cent over one year."

Poirier also explains that within the Rural Municipality of Tache there are three different school divisions: Hanover, Seine River and Sunrise. He notes each of these will also have its own tax rate, which is out of the control of the municipality. These taxes are then added to the ratepayer's bill.

According to Poirier, the RM of Tache has a number of projects listed in this year's budget. One such project includes finalizing their plans and financing for the new community complex in Lorette. There is also a new daycare centre being built in that community.

Also, this year, the municipality will spend money to put in a new septic system and build a new machine shed at the Ste. Genevieve Community Centre.

In Landmark, Poirier says they will be making upgrades to their lift station. And the municipality will roll out brand new garbage and recycling carts for residents in both Landmark and Lorette. 

"(It's) going to be an exciting year, even with supply chain management issues, with inflation and all these other things," says Poirier. "I'm quite proud that we're going to be able to maintain things, keep things going."