We could see a lot of this in the coming months

Environment Canada is continuing to watch a 'La Nina' weather pattern setting up.

Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says, for southern Manitoba, that usually means a stormy, wet winter. She explains, "If we look at what happens during 'La Nina' events for southern Manitoba, typically the jet streams tend to lie very close to southern Manitoba or right over southern Manitoba. The jet stream is the path, typically, that low pressure systems will take. So that means, if the jet streams are over us, the lows are going to travel over us as well. We are starting to see that set up but it hasn't really completely materialized yet and so that's kind of why we haven't had extremely stormy weather yet."

Environment Canada is predicting below normal temperatures in the months ahead although Hasell says temperatures during 'La Nina' events can also turn out to be above normal.
Meanwhile, Hasell says we can thank a stable east/west flow of air in the upper atmosphere for the mild November so far. 

Hear what Hasell has to say: