Steinbach Community Outreach is embracing the opportunity to reciprocate some of the generosity local businesses have shown them.

Steinbach Community Outreach Office Administrator Charlene Turner

The organization received a $10,000 grant from the Community Food Banks of Canada which will be used entirely on the charity’s food program.

“We’re very happy to be giving back,” shares Office Administrator Charlene Turner, “and it’s the community that supports us, so we’re going to spend as much as we can locally.”

Turner says they have already connected with five or six businesses and there could still be a couple more.

“They’ve been super grateful,” says Turner before telling of a business owner who was “so happy they were almost crying.”

The organization applied for the grant a mere two weeks before receiving it and when it arrived it came with a message. “It said right on the application, that they’re processing these grants as fast as possible.”

Turner expresses her gratitude for the support from local businesses before suggesting their symbiotic relationship is unlikely to cease.

“We always make an effort to go back to the people that are supporting us,” she offers, “they are our first priority.”