A St. Pierre artist was thrilled to have her work featured at the recent Salt Spring National Art Prize in BC.

Erika Dueck is a Sessional Art Instructor at the University of Manitoba. She says the bi-annual art show was the biggest exhibition she has yet been a part of and the debut of her work in western Canada. According to

(Erika Dueck)Dueck, her mixed media sculpture called Sanctuary was one of only 52 pieces chosen from 2,000 submissions to be put on display.

“So it was a really big honor,” she remarks.

The exhibition was visited by school groups, tour groups, and art enthusiasts from across the country, many of whom voted on their favorite pieces.

Dueck describes Sanctuary as a sculpture of a miniature house that has openings in its windows and doors from which onlookers can peer into two strangely decorated rooms. The first room resembles a school classroom that is beginning to fill with sand. The second space is a hallway containing several boxes, one of which is oozing a black liquid. “And, I use mirrors to make the spaces look bigger than they actually are,” adds Dueck.

This unusual sounding creation won Dueck the popular youth vote, giving her a People’s Choice Award.

“It is always exciting to see people engaging with my work and responding to it,” comments Dueck, “so getting a people’s choice vote was just an affirmation, which always feels great.”