A meteorologist says it is somewhat of a coincidence that the same corner of our province keeps getting hit by severe weather. It seems almost every day, areas in the Rural Municipalities of Stuartburn and Piney are being blasted with heavy rain.

Scott Kehler, Chief Scientist of Weatherlogics explains there is a trough in the jet stream over western Canada. And that big dip is carrying weather systems out of the northern United States. He notes it just so happens that over the past few days, those weather systems have travelled right out of northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota and into the southeast corner of Manitoba.

"The reason they've been hitting the exact same spot is a bit of a coincidence," admits Kehler. "There is nothing to say that they should have kept hitting exactly those spots."

Even though there were tornado warnings Monday evening for Vita, Zhoda and Sundown, Kehler says he has not heard of any touching down. He notes there was one in Northern Minnesota, about fifteen minutes straight south of Tolstoi. Kehler adds there were also strong storms over northern Ontario.

As of Tuesday, Kehler says there has been a shift in the weather pattern as the trough in the jet stream moves off to the east. He explains we will see some cooler conditions this week as we get into some cooler air that is being pulled down behind all of the weather systems that just passed through. Kehler says as a result it will be more difficult to get any kind of really strong thunderstorms, which are driven by high humidity, which has now left the region.

"But then as we go a little bit later into June, we see signs of a similar weather pattern developing again," notes Kehler. "That's not to say the southeast corner of Manitoba is going to get hit again. But, just Manitoba in general will probably be set up again for severe weather as we get closer to the middle of the month."

Meanwhile, with cooler weather this week, Kehler is not ruling out the chance of frost on Friday morning.

"At this point it definitely looks like the temperature is going to drop close to zero on Friday morning," says Kehler. "Whether or not there is frost, it's still a bit early to tell. But for sure it will be a cool night."