Hanover firefighters responded to four crashes Sunday, and Chief Paul Wiebe says they were all the result of very icy conditions.

Wiebe says the first call came in early Sunday morning. It was a two-vehicle crash along Highway 52, near Road 24 East, which is close to the Tourond Creek Discovery Centre. 

Wiebe says it was basically a low-speed head-on collision. However, no one was transported to hospital as there were no injuries. 

"So it's a good thing people were driving at very slow speeds due to the severe road conditions," he notes.

Then Sunday evening at about 6:35 pm, there was a single-vehicle rollover on Highway 52 at Road 23 East, which is near the turnoff for HyLife's feedmill. 

"Again, road conditions were incredibly slick along that stretch of highway," says Wiebe.

He notes there were no apparent injuries in that crash.

While crews were still on scene, Wiebe says they received a call for another rollover along Highway 52, closer to Highway 59. He notes there were some scrapes and bruises but nobody was transported to hospital.

And then, at that same time, they learned of a crash along Provincial Road 311, about two miles west of Blumenort. Wiebe says there were no injuries from that crash either.

"It seemed like our east/ west highways were incredibly icy over the weekend," says Wiebe. "And they were (the) major cause of these collisions and rollovers."

In fact, Wiebe says he is not sure why the province did not close some highways yesterday, due to the conditions.

"Our guys were saying they could have skated from 216 to 59, it was just icy," he says. "I feel that we need to maybe look at closing some of these highways to avoid some of these crashes." 

Having said that, he notes these crashes could have been a lot worse and he is thankful that nobody was seriously hurt.